1. Guantanamo, Cuba
external image Guantanamo_Bay_map.png
I would like to visit Guantanamo, Cuba the most because that is where my mom was born. I really want to go to Cuba because I am 50% Cuban and my uncles has been there and said it was beautiful. The down side is that it is a very poor country with a lot of poverty. After I graduate from high school, my family and I will travel to Cuba.

2. Havana, Cuba
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This is the capital city of Cuba and is historic. My uncle went there and said he visited the place where they used to live. My family is from around there so I would like to visit it one day, which I probably will. He said it also is different and has poverty but said it is worth going to.

3. Angel Falls, Venezuela
external image saltoangel400.jpg
I would also like to travel to Angel Falls because it is the biggest waterfall in the world. Even from looking at pictures the waterfall looks beautiful. Nature interests me and I like to watch shows like "Wild Russia". I would also like to travel to the top of the waterfall and look down from the top to see how big it really is. The sound of a waterfall is relaxing to me.

4. Varadero, Cuba
Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean
Top 10 Vacation Spots in the Caribbean

The beaches in Cuba are beautiful and have crystal clear water. The water is also warm so you can swim in it, unlike the beaches in Maine or in the New England region. My uncle also told me he went to a beach in Cuba and it was beautiful and relaxing. He said the sand was beautiful and white, unlike other beaches.

5. Chiclayo, Peru
external image 12167739.jpg
This city is the fourth largest in Peru. The Incas were a group of people who lived in this area back in ancient times. There is said to be Inca pyramids that can be explored and visited. The Incas interest me so going there and visiting the pyramids would be very cool and interesting.

6. Amazon Rain Forest
external image amazon-rainforest-2.jpg
I would like to visit the Amazon rain forest because I like to learn and look at different animals and how they act and behave. I would also like to just go there and explore the whole jungle, because it is about 60% of the worlds rain forest. I have seen shows and heard stories about the Amazon rain forest, so I would like to go there and explore and check it out.

7. Galapagos Islands
external image GalapagosCruiseMain.jpg
I would like to visit the Galapagos Islands because of all the different types and species of animals these islands have to offer. Just like Cuba, there are beautiful beaches and the water is also a little crystal clear. This is on my Top 10 List because i would like to explore the islands and look at all the wildlife on these islands.

8. Easter Island
external image ahu2.jpg
I would also like to travel to Easter Island because it is a mysterious and interesting place. I would like to check out the big stone statues that were out there by peoples long ago. I have heard theories about this island would be very cool to visit. It would also be a fun place to explore.

9. Panama Canal
external image panama-canal.jpg
I would like to go to Panama Canal because it was the first biggest canal in the world and many people died due to diseases by flies, like malaria. The U.S. also built this canal so they could have easy access from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean. They gave it to Panama as a gift. This is why i would like to visit it, because it is interesting.

10. Belize

I would love to go to Belize because it has a beautiful landscape. It is home to a beautiful barrier reef and many activities can be done in the water cause they are safe. There is also a natural reserve that has a diverse animal population. You can also visit Mayan ruins in Belize.