1. Rasputin was born between 1864 and 1865 in Siberia, Russia, and was murdered in December 1917.
2. Rasputin was the son of a Russian peasant.
3. Rasputin went to school, but he could not read or write.
4. Rasputin claimed he had special powers that let him heal the sick.
5. Hermogen, the bishop of Saratov, was impressed by Rasputin's healing powers.
6. The czar's only son, Alexis, was a hemophiliac. Rasputin was called into the royal palace and healed Alexis. He became part of the royal entourage.
7. Rasputin served as Nicholas II's adviser in the Russian army.
8. High Russian officials plotted to kill Rasputin because they thought he was fake.
9. He ate and drank poisoned wine and cake and did not die.
10. He was also shot repeatedly and still did not die. He was finally shot again and the bullet hit him in the heart and he died.
11. When he was 18 years old, he was very religious.
12. He joined a monastery, but did not stay there to become a monk.
13. He traveled to religious places like Jerusalem.
14. He could predict the future.
15. People from foreign countries traveled a long way for his knowledge and healing powers.
16. He lived off the food and money the patients brought for him.
17. One day while he was plowing, the Heavenly Mother came down to him and told him he must go to Alexis' side and heal him.
18. While he stayed in St. Petersburg with the Romanov's, he remained a holy monk.
19. Russian officials thought he was putting the country in danger.
20. After Rasputin was shot, he was thrown into the Neva River.