hey nick--your thesis sentence really does not hit the most important aspect of the Aztecs. what you said is interesting, but the Aztecs can be broadly described--less detail and more important information. We'll do more on them in two weeks. B-

The Aztecs are Mexican people who came into the Mexican River Valley in about the fourteenth century. The Mexican River Valley was a place where it was easy for people to live under the conditions of a dry country. They decided to settle on an island in modern day Mexico. They had no threats because it was not a desirable place and other tribes did not want to live there. They built a city in about 1325 A.D. and it was named "Tenochtitlan" because they called themselves "Tenochca".The Aztecs joined forces with a neighboring tribe, the Tepanecs, who defeated their rival empire, the Texcoco. The Aztecs became an independent force when the Tepanec empire fell. Then the Aztecs joined the Triple Alliance, who consisted of the Aztecs, the Texcocos, and the Tlacopan. These three tribes built an empire, and the Tlacopan disappeared from power. The Aztecs were a major tribe who controlled an area of fourteenth century Mexico.