Chechens are a mostly Muslim ethnic group that live in the North Caucasus in Russia. Chechen have been resisting Russian rule for about two-hundred years. They want to be independent from Russia. After the Soviet union fell in 1991, they were on a mission to become independent. It was called the Chechen All-National Congress. Shamil Basayev, the separatist leader, died in July 2006. Due to this, the separatists weakened a little. Joseph Stalin, the Russian president, accused the Chechens of being in cahoots with the Nazi Germans. He ordered the Chechens to be sent to Siberia and Kazakhstan. Many died in the way and survivors were able to go back after the death of Stalin. There was a peace treaty between Russian and the Chechens from 1994 and 1996. Violence erupted again in 1999 with bomb attacks. The Chechens used suicide bombers and guerrilla warfare tactics.