Cuba/Dominican Republic/Haiti/Jamaica/Puerto Rico research organizer

Name of country Cuba
When was your country founded? 1492
When was slavery outlawed in your country? 1862
Current leader of your country’s government? Raul Castro
US state closest in geographical size to your country Slightly smaller than Pennsylvania
Highest point Pico Turquino, 2,005 m
Current population 11,075,244 people
Most important three exports Sugar, tobacco, coffee
GDP/Capita last year 9,900
GDP/Capita in year 2000 2,700.8
Revenue from tourism in most recent year 1.7 billion
Most important industries (in order) Tobacco, sugar, petroleum
Richest person in country Raul Castro
Most recent war, civil war, or revolution 1952-1959
Name of most popular newspaper Granma
Most popular sports team N/A
Most popular food Beans
Average yearly temperature 77 degrees Fahrenheit
Literacy rate 99.8%
Life expectancy at birth 77.87 years
Median age 38.4 years
Gini Index N/A
Government Budget for most recent year $8,735,000
Government deficit 130.29 million USD
Total public debt $19.44 billion
Unemployment rate 3.1%
Electricity consumption per capita 1,348 kWh per capita
Oil consumption per capita 31.1 barrels per day
HIV/AIDS adult prevalency rate 0.1%
Infant mortality rate 4.83 deaths per 1000 live births
Most popular writer from last 60 years Ernest Hemingway
Most popular singer/musician from last 50 years Arsenio Rodriguez
Current most popular musician Alfredo de la Fe
Biggest environmental concerns Pollution of water, Soil degredation
Cell phones per capita in use 1.003 million
Airports with paved runways 65
% of GDP spent on military N/A

What makes this country unique?
Beautiful beaches, only communist country in the Americas

Significant ethnic or religious groups:
Evangelical, Christian