Ernesto "Che" Guevara was a major character in the Cuban Revolution. He quickly climbed his way to to second in control of Cuba. He helped spread socialism in Cuba and trained the militia forces. He also allowed and helped bring in the nuclear missiles to Cuba, which led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Before Che was a major figure in Cuba, he studied medicine at the University of Buenos Aries. He was disturbed at what he saw when he traveled to different countries like Peru and Chile. This made him think about how much better it would be if everybody was equal, which is communism. He believed in communism because of the poverty, hunger, and disease he saw as he traveled.

I think Che was a good man at first because he traveled to all different countries to help people with diseases and hunger. But because of this, he became an evil man who believed in communism and was Fidel Castro's right hand man.

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