We will never forget the selections at Auschwitz,
Where Black Jackals condemned millions to gas,
Right - death, left - life, right death... death ...death.
The black finger, surrounded with barking dogs,
Works like the Angel of Death, creating living hell.
Children are torn apart from the tender embrace
Of mothers, clinging to their treasures.
Babies wailing from hunger,
Parents parting tearfully with their children.
Fathers shaken with helpless rage.
The condemned form a column of trembling fear.

This poem is written by a holocaust survivor by the name of Alexander Kimel. In this poem, the author is saying how they will never forget Auschwitz. The survivor is comparing the Nazi Germans to Black Jackals, which are animals in Africa that are called “livestock killers”. The Black Jackals, also known as the Nazis, killed millions of people by gas chambers. If you were called to the left, you would live. If you were called to the right, you were going to be killed. Children were torn apart from their mothers, babies were crying because they were hungry, and fathers were very angry.


Do I want to remember?
The peaceful ghetto, before the raid:
Children shaking like leaves in the wind.
Mothers searching for a piece of bread.
Shadows, on swollen legs, moving with fear.
No, I don't want to remember, but how can I forget?

Do I want to remember, the creation of hell?
The shouts of the Raiders, enjoying the hunt.
Cries of the wounded, begging for life.
Faces of mothers carved with pain.
Hiding Children, dripping with fear.
No, I don't want to remember, but how can I forget?

This is another poem by Alexander Kimel. At the beginning of each line, it says “Do I want to remember,….”, and at the end of each line it says “No, I don’t want to remember, but how can I forget?”. The author is describing the ghetto as peaceful before the Nazis raided it. Children were shaken with fear and mothers were looking for food because there was very little. Even the shadows were scared. The Germans are compared to Raiders, who is enjoying raiding the Jews. People were crying because they were wounded, and children were hiding out of fear.

These two poems make me feel both angry and sad in a way. They make me feel angry because what the treatment of the Jews that is being described sounds horrible. It makes me want to go out and fight the some Nazi Germans. It makes me feel sad because I feel bad for the Jews because of the harsh treatment of the Germans.